The Best Restaurant in Abu Dhabi serves you the most sizzling dishes
The Best Restaurant in Abu Dhabi serves you the most sizzling dishes

Bringing in love and goodness from the homes of India to Abu Dhabi, Sajway offers the best Indian Food experience. The chefs cook traditional Indian recipes with seasonal and fresh ingredients to acquire an authentic taste. Our lassi gets made in a conventional way in a Madhani, desi-ghee, and butter are our go-to ingredients. Some of the popular Indian dishes we offer are Chicken Tandoori, Butter Chicken, Sarson Da Saag, and Makke Di Roti. Apart from that we also aim to bring to you some delectable chaat dishes at the live counter from the streets of India. Land over at Sajway since it is the Best Restaurant in Abu Dhabi (أفضل مطعم في أبو ظبي).

The kitchen aims to honor Peruvian Classics while striking up a balance between high-technique twists and subtlety. Even though dishes veer from tradition, they get executed well. Ceviches like the Salmon Nikkei- salmon in celery juice, ginger, and wasabi tobiko- as well as Buri Ahumado (smoked amberjack, crispy kombu, pomegranate, and aji rocoto). Best Restaurant in Abu Dhabi Helps to serve you super-delicious dishes.

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Plants dangle from the rafters, natural light floods in, and the tables are lined up with individual flower arrangements. The menu features dishes that would be right at home in Abu Dhabi, like organic quinoa with roasted beetroot and sunflower seeds, chicken tacos with cured lemon slaw, and smoothie bowls with acai, chai seeds, and granola. Ensure that you grab a loved one and then head to this romantic restaurant for divine food grilled to perfection. At night, illuminated palm trees and walkways turn out to be unforgettable. Couples who are seeking out for going all-out would desire to order seafood like lobster, octopus, jumbo prawns, tuna tartare, and caviar.

If you are seeking one of the Best Restaurant in Abu Dhabi then you require to check out Sajway. The artisan bakery, café, and restaurant are one of the most amazing places to dine in at. The restaurant has everything from breakfast and mains to desserts and pastries featuring up a combination of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Influences. The menu is to die for and involves dishes like homemade lasagne, burrata zaatar, Turkish Eggs, Wagyu Ribeye Steak, and Coconut-passion fruit cake which is yummy. If you love Italian food then you are going to love this place a lot. Sajway is expanding up its Pasticceria concept, Cipriani Dolci, for the customers to enjoy eating delicious dishes.

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Seeking out a sizzling steak? Then this is indeed likely one of the Best New Restaurants in Abu Dhabi for you. This steakhouse turns out to be one of the best that cuts plus surf and turf options. There is grilled chicken, properly loaded burgers, sushi, and sashimi to try. Visit the restaurant for a memorable dining experience quite like no other. From the signature Crispy Duck salad to the Chilean seabass, the menu is filled up with dishes that infuse Chinese flavors into International Cuisine.

The perfect combination of luxury, quality, and authenticity lies in one of the most popular and Best Chinese Restaurant in Abu Dhabi (أفضل مطعم صيني في أبو ظبي). This place is known for its chic interiors and expansive food options, this is a great spot to spend your days with your friends and family. From a separate vegan special menu to hot pot options, Dai Pai Pong ensures that there is something for everyone. Ensure that you indulge in an array of hand-crafted dishes at this place. The popular restaurant combines up traditional flavors with a modern touch to ensure that all visitors have a unique and fulfilling experience. With amazing cuisines, the restaurant has got good quality food and great ambience along with professional chefs.

The epitome of destination dining, the design of this Thai Restaurant features an amazing ambience that appears to float upon a charming water feature. The interiors are simple and consist of light wood and earthy tones, with a scattering of Thai Antiquities over the restaurant. The menu features all the expected Thai Favourites like Papaya Salad, Chicken Pandan, and Phad Thai which are served alongside friendly Thai hospitality. Come over here to grab sizzling dishes at the Best Restaurant in Abu Dhabi.