Fine Dining in UAE: Best Restaurant in Abu Dhabi for Special Occasions
Fine Dining in UAE: Best Restaurant in Abu Dhabi for Special Occasions

Sajway turns out to be a mandatory spot for all those who desire to enjoy Lebanese food. It is highly rated and is referred to as one of the top restaurants in Abu Dhabi. Delighting up the guests with a spectacular view of the surrounding sea, Sajway serves traditional as well as contemporary Lebanese dishes that are cooked up with a fusion of European influences. The menu turns out to be a masterpiece that features courses like the crusted rack of lamb that sweet potato and truffle with decadent honey fudge dessert. If you are looking out for the Best Restaurant in Abu Dhabi (أفضل مطعم في أبو ظبي) then you are surely landing at the right destination.

Sajway provides a high-class experience of Chinese Cuisine within an eclectic venue. Make sure that you enjoy huge dining and this place occurs out to be a singular combination of the modern spirit of the United Arab Emirates and assertive Chinese influence. Talented as well as visionary, Sajway amazes the guests with tantalizing duck, succulent grilled beef with soy, and a range of other recipes with all imaginative demonstrating a thorough understanding of the art of culinary creativity. If you are seeking out the Best Restaurant in Abu Dhabi, Sajway turns out to be the one.

Best Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Good Food turns a Good Mood!

Sajway with a little progress and good staff became one of the best restaurants in Abu Dhabi. The restaurant takes up its guests back in time to the old-style décor and charm of a luxurious eatery place that adds glory to your occasion. The restaurant is a blend of traditional as well as contemporary while creating the dining experience. Guests may select from an impeccable menu, starring roasted steak of foiegras, paellas, or extra virgin olive oil ice cream or the special seven-course tasting menu. Indulge in local flavors at the best restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

Modern as well as cosmopolitan, Abu Dhabi occurs out to be offering memorable encounters with local and international cuisine in breathtaking settings. From the dessert menus that serve traditional food for restaurants specializing in Chinese, French, Lebanese, or Moroccan dishes and Abu Dhabi’s chief aims to transform the city into the topmost culinary destination within great places like Sajway. The restaurant is a perfect place to make your events more memorable and is the Best Restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

Varieties of Sajway

Sajway stands out as one of the marketplaces for culinary spots within Abu Dhabi. However, it emphasizes a variety of steak specialties wherein the menu is extensive and also offers treats like Kelly oysters, Scottish salmon, and the mouth-watering Devon and crab soup. Sajway turns out to be the most amazing place to savor a memorable rendezvous with the richly flavored landscape and recreates the sophisticated and classy atmosphere with high ceilings and large chandeliers. Ensure that you come across the Best Restaurant in Abu Dhabi (أفضل مطعم في أبو ظبي) so as to get delicious food.

Sajway serves up a range of Italian delicacies from crunchy, quick pizzas to highly defined dishes that take up time to cook like highly alluring tagliatelle with lamb ragout and chocolate powder. The menu offers up premium choices through the international cuisines with excellent selections of sea bass, scallops, tiger prawns and fresh salmon, multiple types of French cheese and meringue that is served up with rice paper, a mini fruit strudel, and raspberry sorbet. Sajway is the Best Restaurant in Abu Dhabi, come and taste the delicious food now.