Make your day just fabulous with the Best Noodle Dishes in Dubai
Make your day just fabulous with the Best Noodle Dishes in Dubai

Add spices to your sizzling celebrations with the most delicious noodles now!!!!

The Hakka fried noodle turns out to be very unique Asian noodle recipe. You may learn how to make this special Hakka fried noodle right at home while using the recipe that we will share with you in a moment.  It is a light and fulfilling meal that is fit for lunch or dinner. You may prepare this in a very short time and it is perfect for bachelors, working mothers, and homemakers. Enjoy eating the Best Noodle Dishes in Dubai (أفضل أطباق المعكرونة في دبي) at Sajway.

Best Noodle Dishes in Dubai

 If you are seeking out to cook something in around thirty minutes to forty-five minutes time, this turns to be the first dish that you must try. After you cut all the vegetables within the recipe, it hardly takes any time to cook the Hakka noodles. This dish works best if you turn bad. Here is a simple version of the Best Noodle Dishes in Dubai that we will be sharing with you.


a. 1 Packet (320 gm) of dried handmade noodles (any kind of dried noodle would do if you can get the handmade ones that would be the best. )

b. 150 gm chives, remember to cut into 4 cm length

c. 200 gm of bean sprouts

d. 3 dry bean curd (tofu) that is cut into strips

e. 100 gm small and dried prawns that are chopped into tiny bits

f. 2-3 cloves of chopped garlic

g. 2 tablespoons of olive oil

h. Seasonings

i. Salt and Pepper to taste

j. Method (How to prepare)

k. Blanch the Noodle in the boiling water until it gets cooked, then drain and rinse with cold water and then keep aside.

l. Fry the shredded dried tofu until golden. Then aim to set aside.

m. Heat a frying pan with a little oil, and stir-fry the noodles in a few portions until dry and fragrant. Dish up.

n. Heat the frying pan to sauté garlic, add in the chives, bean sprouts, tofu, dried prawns, and seasoning, and stir well. Pour in a bit of water, add in the noodles, and stir-fry until it is well-mixed. Adjust seasoning to taste.

o. Add in the shredded omelet and serve. Ensure making 5 servings.

p. This turns out to be a wonderful recipe, adored by kids as well as adults.

q. There are more great-tasting and delicious recipes that you may try out. Multiple Asian delights occur out to be mouth-watering and delectable.

The Best Noodle Dishes in Dubai are not at all modern food items it is eaten approximately 4,000 years ago and spread across Northern America and the rest of the world. At first, noodles were made only from millet. In North, America Noodles are made from Wheat and Rice. Mainly noodles are made from wheat, millet, etc. Henceforth, Noodles also have a high content of carbohydrates, proteins, and other nutrients. Noodles are made faster at a cheap rate. The native dishes got derived from Malaysia and Indonesia take full benefit of vegetables.

Add spices to mouth-watering noodle dishes now!!!

Best Noodle Dishes in Dubai turns out to be Omni Optimal delicious and loved by everyone. The ones referred to are flat, dried, and about the width of linguine. You may find the specialty ingredients at most grocery stores with an international section. The rice noodle that is used in this recipe is for the Pad Thai Dishes. The garlic chili paste is basically a staple of multiple Asian dishes. Watch out that the garlic chili paste is hot, so do not overdo it. The recipe is Thai inspired however not authentic but it will please the Thai food lover anytime. The use of natural peanut butter would give the dish the peanut flavor while the combination of the fish sauce and garlic chili paste would give the dish that signature Thai flavor that you may crave.

Make your day wow with super delicious noodles

Thai foods get their wonderful flavor from garlic, chili, onions, and limes. Firstly, get a pan of water boiling for the rice noodles. When the water is at full boil drop in enough rice noodles for two servings and boil it for four minutes. Remove the noodles and then strain them in a colander and set it aside. Chop on the green onions, roasted red bell pepper, and cilantro for the garnishes, and then set aside individually. Cut lime into four wedges. Grind up three tablespoons of roasted peanuts for garnish and then set aside. Mix two tablespoons of natural peanut butter, two tablespoons of fish sauce, half a teaspoon of sesame oil, and two tablespoons of Thai garlic chili paste for the noodle sauce. The sesame oil turns out to be optional. Coat the shrimp with the Chinese five spices.

Heat a skillet to medium with a small amount of cooking oil (olive oil is best) and cook shrimp. Cook shrimp for two minutes per side and turn. Cook the shrimp just until it is opaque and begins to firm up then it is done. Do not overcook the shrimp just because they would turn rubbery when overcooked. Add on the cooked noodles and the sauce to the cooked shrimp and toss until evenly coated. Plate on the noodles and then shrimp, garnish with green onions, peanuts, roasted red bell pepper, lime wedges, and cilantro. Enjoy eating sizzling Best Noodle Dishes in Dubai.

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