Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi helps to make your day just wow
Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi helps to make your day just wow

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if all the Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi came out for vengeance over being treated like another side to go along with your burgers or steaks? The delicious crispy, golden potato fingers deserve their due recognition- and that is exactly what we are going to give them in this post entirely dedicated to this perennially underrated culinary wonder. Here is where you can find the ultimate lockdown over where to find the best fries in Abu Dhabi. If you love your fries just like we do, ensure that you keep on reading this Blog and Fries Reign Supreme. Ensure that you land over Sajway to get the most amazing fries now.

Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi helps to make your day amazing

The Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi (بطاطس مقلية في أبو ظبي) begin with the simplest of a lot. The restaurant offers the Best Fries in Abu Dhabi and offers regular fries with simple spices and infused flavors for added deliciousness.


The Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi permit you to construct your own French fries meal. Pick the type of fries that you desire- regular, sweet potato, or waffle, select the dressing and a sauce to go with it. That is it.  Do you know what is better than fries? You may try the Cajun Crusted Tempura Fries. You may get this deliciousness at this place. Imagine that melt-in-your-mouth texture of fried potatoes, coated in the crispy goodness of tempura and finished off with the zing of Cajun seasoning- our mouths are watering, bet you may taste them too.

Since people have been talking about Cajun seasoning, have you guy’s tried the Cajun-style fries here? The burger joint has got some of the best burgers and fries in Abu Dhabi that you would ever find. Whether you like your French fries simply salted or with that tempting flavor of Cajun spices. The restaurant has got truffle fries over its menu- a lip-smacking delicious snack, drizzled in truffle oil and topped off with parmesan shavings. The restaurant serves a delicious helping of truffle fries. The hidden bar with its scrumptious truffle and parmesan-crusted, crispy French fries also bags up a spot among the restaurants with the best fries in Abu Dhabi.

Enjoy eating sizzlers along with French Fries now

Those who are seeking some delicious Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi may try the homemade fries at the restaurant. The premium and utterly delicious potato sticks are served with tangy sriracha mayo for wholesome flavors to treat your taste buds. If these crispy French fries drenched in a rich cheese sauce don’t get you salivating, we don’t know what would! Add to the zest of chili peppers and you would get yourself an absolute winner- you have got to try it on.

This is a great place to indulge in cheese fries in Abu Dhabi. Order their signature cheese fries to enjoy a hearty serving of delicious potato fries slathered in cheese and secret sauce. The combo gets topped off with Jalapenos and crispy onions to add some crunch and zing. What sets up the cheesy fries at Sajway’s drenched in warm melted cheese, with a drizzle of spicy pepper sauce, lots of crushed bacon, and jalapenos? The cheese fries get loaded with crispy bacon and a delicious blend of tangy buffalo and rich blue cheese sauce. Sounds delicious enough to try on. Give it a shot. For more loaded options, try their junkyard fries or keep it simple. You may order their regular and sweet potato fries through the bar menu.

Get super-tasty fries now at an affordable price

Enjoy utterly delicious chili fries with the spice level over point; these crispy fries get topped with melted cheese, slow-cooked chillis, and your choice of sauce. This includes the whole serving costs. It is a steal day if you desire to ask us. The restaurant offers fries that get loaded with pulled pork, melted cheese, and a dollop of sour cream- now that is the type of dirty that we can approve of. You need to come over here to taste the Best French Fries in Abu Dhabi at Sajway.