Best Hommos in Abu Dhabi tastes super-delicious and amazing at the same time
Best Hommos in Abu Dhabi tastes super-delicious and amazing at the same time

Being one of the Middle East’s most food-centric capital cities, it turns out to be hardly surprising Sajway embraces the Best Hommos in Abu Dhabi (افضل حمص في أبو ظبي) cuisines of its fellow Arabian nations. Whether you believe hommos got invented in Egypt or the Levant. The chickpea spread is undoubtedly one of the most unmistakable dishes in the MENA Region. You really cannot get a much more simple yet more effective creation than hommos. It is really easy to get it wrong however we find it to our cost before.

Sajway has spread its wings across the Middle East and offers the Best Hommos in Abu Dhabi. Combining the best of Lebanese and American cuisine, the restaurant has won over multiple foodies and food critics in around 25 years, and we are happy to say that we are wholehearted with them. This place really loves its hommos while offering no fewer than seven different types of beauty. This place really loves its hommos, while offering no fewer than seven different types of the most delightful dip. This is for something a little different. We say try the hommos sujuk that comes with Armenian Beef Sausage of that name.

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The gorgeous Best Hommos in Abu Dhabi gets lauded both for its culinary creations and its lovely location right within the heart of Abu Dhabi. People enjoy coming over here for years and may certainly highly recommend the dishes that it produces day in, and day out. This has got a traditional version and five offerings that each have a little twist. A pair of them has ever been given the signature dish tag. The hommos pesto is basically an homage to that brilliant basil-based sauce through Genoa, while the tasty hommos bil karaz takes those blitzed chickpeas and sweetens them with Aleppo cherry, onion, and tomato that add pistachios for some real crunch.

It would be amazing to have triple delight hommos which is an old-school dish done three ways- with pesto, beetroot, and black olives. The flavor combinations are perfectly balanced and prove whatever the result. Sajway is always a top shout in everyone’s eyes. Elegant as well as sophisticated. This is cut through the majority of Levantine restaurants that you may usually find within the capital. It certainly elevates that cuisine. For one of the creamiest, tastiest bowls of hommos you are likely to try, the restaurant has got it perfected. Who may think such a seemingly straightforward dip may be flavorsome.

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The original Beirut version is superb indeed, however, we love the Hommos that come with a chopped parsley twist. The place has got a popular choice for the Jordanians ever since it sprang into action way back. The restaurant got set up in Abu Dhabi and has proved something of a go-to for those looking out the Jordanian staples of hommos, foul, and falafel. The original version is ideal for traditionalists. You may select to get served with Beirut-Style (with parsley) or with a meaty topping that would make this delightful dish all the more filling. You can make your day just wow with the Best Hommos in Abu Dhabi. You may visit the restaurant anytime since it helps you to grab an authentic taste of old Lebanon. The hommos here comes in three ways- original, chakundar (beetroot), or Beiruty (chopped parsley). Each has got its own distinctive flavor combos that would leave a happy sensation in your taste buds. Since the introduction of Wheat, Noodles have always played a major role in the menu of multiple cultures. A great benefit of Noodles is that they are also able to get made with rice. However, multiple home-style dishes focus on the delicacy known as layered noodles. These noodles affect texture along with taste. Noodles and Chicken go well altogether.

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With a Myriad of great tastes within one meal, a chicken noodle casserole gets capable of pleasing multiple eaters. Steak is not the type of dish that you cook every day. This implies that you would only consider preparing when you desire to have a special meal. Making side dishes to complement the steak is quite crucial to ensure that you get a balanced meal. The extra dishes may either add a hint of flavor or else add a whole lot of extra flavor. Ensure to come over since the place is famous for the Best Hommos in Abu Dhabi. (افضل حمص في أبو ظبي)