Best Lebanese Food in Abu Dhabi serves you with delicious food worldwide
Best Lebanese Food in Abu Dhabi serves you with delicious food worldwide

Tabbouleh is a unique Lebanese salad, that is made up of fresh parsley and mint, a handful of bulgur, finely chopped tomatoes, and onions, with a drizzle lemon juice and olive oil. It gets traditionally served with Lebanese mezze ( a spread of appetizers) and is very popular to eat at all times of the day. Over time, Best Lebanese Food(مطعم لبناني) in Abu Dhabi have evolved this traditional dish, while experimenting with versions that replace bulgar with quinoa and tomatoes with pomegranate seeds. Tabbouleh gets packed with fresh, delicious ingredients and has gained popularity within multiple other countries.

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Fattoush is a rich, delicious salad, and another popular dish that may be served like a part of the Best Lebanese Food in Abu Dhabi mezze (spread of appetizers). Traditionally, Fattoush is a salad of lettuce, mint, cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes and fried pita bread or else pita chips. It gets seasoned with a dash of lemon juice, olive oil, and sumac and pomegranate molasses. This develops a salad that is fresh, filling, and packs a little punch. Within time, Lebanese people have experimented with fattoush salad while adding a hueg range of different ingredients. This delicious salad gets enjoyed at both lunch and dinner, and it is a simple Lebanese food that is surely worth trying.

Labneh is one of the most popular breakfast items that you may find in Lebanon. Labneh is a variation of yogurt, that is made through the straining the excess liquid through yogurt until you get left out with a firm, creamy white dip. Its taste strikes up with a delicate balance between salty, tangy, and sour. Labneh is hugely popular in multiple Lebanese households. It may be eaten spread over pita bread, baguettes, or toast that is finished with a sprinkle of herbs and thyme. Labneh may also be mixed with garlic paste to make a thick, delicious Lebanese mezze spread, served for Lunch. There occurs a variation of Labneh made through the goat’s milk. Once it is strained, it is dried out and rolled into balls, then stored within olive oil jars for an extra sour taste and a longer shelf life. It is super-delicious.

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Hummus turns to be one of the most popular and beloved dishes through the Levantine region across the globe. Traditionally, Hummus is a dip that is made from chickpeas, tahini paste, lemon juice, and a sprinkle of garlic. It is a delicious savoury dish that may be eaten with multiple foods. You may eat it like a side dish with grilled meat or chicken platters, dip raw or cooked vegetables in it, or spread it over multiple types of bread. While the traditional recipe remains the most well-known, Lebanon occurs out to be a home to a huge range of different hummus varieties. Some of the most popular hummus dishes involve minced meat and onions, and hummus is made with basil or beetroot.

Muhammara turns to be deep, rich roasted red pepper dip, packed with plenty of heat and flavour. The word “muhammara” turns to be an Arabic expression that means to “turn red”, hence the fiery red colour of the dip. It gets made with fresh red peppers, that are first cooked and then ground into a paste with walnuts, breadcrumbs and olive oil. Garlic, salt, lemon juice, pomegranate molasses and spices like cumin, get added to add on more of the flavors. Muhammara is basically another common mezze dish. It is eaten like a dip, like hummus. Lebanese also enjoy it while spreading over bread or toast, or as a sauce for kebabs, grilled meats and fish. Manakish or else Man’ouche turns to be a famous Lebanese Breakfast that is found across Lebanon at the local bakeries and the restaurants.

Man’ouche turns to be similar to an Italian pizza. It is made from dough, mixed with thyme and olive oil, that is rolled and then spread into an thin, oval shape. Once the dough base is ready then you may load it with a huge range of toppings. Popular choices involve cheese mixes, labneh, kechek (dried yoghurt), fresh vegetables and a lot more. If you are the one who loves Lebanese food then make sure that you try on the Best Lebanese Food in Abu Dhabi(مطعم لبناني).