Best Lebanese Food in Abu Dhabi adds memories to your big day
Best Lebanese Food in Abu Dhabi adds memories to your big day

Found within a short walk, the Lebanese restaurant turns out to be a neighborhood legend. The treasure seems to be waiting to get discovered and just draws within the most global demographic around there.  Additionally, they give enormous bits; however, you may have all your conventional top choices, for instance, the single halloumi and tabouli. Higher up there occurs a family area, making it an ideal spot post-touring within the dessert. If you desire a Lebanese alternative that is marginally strange, with a bit of debauchery then your smartest choice so as to attempt Mijana. Turn your day amazingly well with the Best Lebanese Food in Abu Dhabi.

The beetroot moutabel, for example, was a rich expansion to the customary smoked aubergine plunge. Another unforeseen change came up within the habla niyah, which is a crude minced sheep dish, In this situation, there were traces of mint and garlic that gave the dish a tad of additional flavor. After your supper, you may head out to the porch where you may have sheesha and tune in to live Arabic music at Best Lebanese Food in Abu Dhabi. A combination of the way of Life of Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, Sajway is compared to lot many other restaurants. The restaurant serves fine Arabic cooking at its best since it webs Lebanese flavors with tastes from different places, to make astonishing mark dishes.

Best Lebanese Food in Abu Dhabi helps to turn your day perfect

Step into the restaurant for incredible Arabian dishes within Dubai. With a rich history that goes back to ancient times, their plans have passed from one age to the next. From genuine Lebanese hot and cold starters to soups and flame broils, their menu additionally includes global plates of mixed greens and desserts and that is only the tip of the iceberg. The focal point of the restaurant is not just the food, it is stylish stylistic layout is similarly welcoming. The eatery has won the timeout Best Lebanese Food in Abu Dhabi grants for two years straight. So whether you decide to attempt the customary blend of barbeques and kebab or simply the Lebanese bread, every one of the dishes on the menu is near flawless. The area is an amazing place that makes for an ideal heartfelt evening. Make certain to request a table within their private porch to appreciate the sensational perspectives over Abu Dhabi’s horizon.

Abu Dhabi is a food-lover paradise and is home to a huge range of luxurious restaurants and quirky cafes. The swankiest restaurant turns out to be set atop a desert dune, while some overlook the beach. If you plan to visit the restaurant, be sure to experience the culinary adventure the capital has to offer. The focus of the restaurant is not only on food but also on its chic décor that is inviting. The Best Lebanese Food in Abu Dhabi aims to win the hearts of its customers with great services. So, if you select to try the regular mix grills and kebab or simply the Lebanese bread, all the dishes on the menu turn out to be close to perfection. Make sure that you ask for a table within their private terrace so as to enjoy the dramatic views of Abu Dhabi’s skyline.

Taste super-delicious food at Best Lebanese Food in Abu Dhabi

The folks at Sajway take the food fast scene to a whole new level. The restaurant offers a huge choice of crepes and salads however what makes it different is the Kaakeh ( pita bread) that gets freshly baked in-house. The shawarmas are made with kaakeh that is stuffed with heavy fillings of tahini (sesame-based sauce), jalapeno, French fries, and shredded chicken. It has an open kitchen so that you would get to see the preparation process included in making delicious shawarma. The Best Lebanese Food in Abu Dhabi (أفضل الأطعمة اللبنانية في أبو ظبي) aims to offer contemporary décor while featuring Emirati-inspired design and style. While the menu turns out to be reasonably priced, make sure that you go for Ghouzi Diyay, a traditional Emirati dish of baked chicken that is mixed with rice and onions, raisins, nuts, and spices- complete with Quinoa’s Taboola salad as a side dish. After a fulfilling lunch, ensure to grab a seat within their outdoor arrangement with a cup of Karak tea.