Best Grill Restaurant in Abu Dhabi offers super-delicious grills
Best Grill Restaurant in Abu Dhabi offers super-delicious grills

If you are a meat-lover then you need to come up over Sajway since it has got multiple cuisines to offer you with. The restaurant has got one such type of grilled meat that you may ask for. From short ribs and lamb rump to wagnu beef cheeks and a selection of steaks, you may get all types of meats, cooked simply the way you like it at this trendy spot within Abu Dhabi. What a sizzler this restaurant provides you with. You need to ensure that you look no further than Sajway. The steakhouse serves all the prime cuts: sirloin, tenderloin, rib-eye,T-bone and porterhouse so as to curb your grilled meat cravings. You need to try your meat with a sauce of your choice through the espresso-laced barbeque to Cuban orange and lime mojo. You would get no missed-steaks here. You can feast over the meat and take within Abu Dhabi views with a long list of steaks and grilled seafood too. You must come over here since this is one of the Best Grill Restaurant in Abu Dhabi.

There occurs lot of love regarding the place and is one of the favourite for couples to visit due to the ambiance, food quality and treating their loved ones gracefully. If you are the one who is seeking out for a meaty brunch, head towards the spot for the best meat. If also you desire for Korean barbeque then you must come up over here. Make your day fabulous while coming at the Best Grill Restaurant in Abu Dhabi .Ensure that you try on the Korean Barbeque set with beef short-rib, rib-eye, tenderloin, brisket and LA Galbi. From the gold-leaf covered dishes ripe for the gram to be less well-known cuts that include grilled heat with cheese, this spot has gained up all the grilled meats that you may ask for. It does not come cheap so that you need to keep in mind.

Best Grill Restaurant in Abu Dhabi serves you with multiple delicious cuisines

You may enjoy a range of grills from steak to Canadian lobster. You may indeed have your cut carved tableside. Also, if you are looking out for Arabian Barbecue then you must not miss out to come up over here and enjoy the delicious meals. The menu aims to feature Arabian mixed grills with lamb chops, lamb kebab, chicken kebab and kofta with fries and garlic sauce. You may also enjoy a seafood mixed grill, rib-eye steak and more. Are you looking out for delicious surf and turf options through the sea? Head towards the restaurant for tonnes of steak options, veal, lamb or an oriental mixed grill. Ensure that you do not forget to check out the rooftop bar that overlooks the protected views.

The place is a paradise with stunning beaches, warm weather and sunshine all year long and is renowned for its amazing hospitality. Abu Dhabi rests over the T-shaped area that extends into the Persian Gulf through the central western coast. It is the centre of the country’s political and industrial activities along with cultural and commercial functions. The country has a diverse as well as multicultural society. The cosmopolitan nature of its society gets reflected within the diversity of cuisines that they have. For those of you who yearn out for the taste of Middle Eastern cuisine, this is one of the best places to set your sights upon. Middle Eastern Cuisine occurs out to be based upon a collection of healthy foods like vegetables, fish, beans, lean meat, nuts and fruits. It is also known as aromatic spices and subtle flavours. And when it comes up to beverages, apart from the ever-popular Middle Eastern coffee, there is highly alcoholic drink named arak. Best Grill Restaurant in Abu Dhabi helps to serve you with super-delicious dishes.

Make your day uniquely fabulous while landing at Best Grill Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

Apart from offering up highly luxurious facilities, the restaurant within Abu Dhabi serves all sorts of international cuisines like continental, Indian, Thai, Chinese, American, Lebanese etc along with the local food. The restaurant is highly recommended if the aspects mentioned above are what you are looking out for. Multiple restaurants offer multiple cuisines wherein some restaurants hold specialization in a certain type of food. Luxury hotels within the country consist of some of the best restaurant within the city that serves with a full meal. The restaurant consists of multiple traditions and offers a huge range of exotic and colourful cocktails, snacks and beverages. The restaurant serves with a selection of Arabic that delivers Abu Dhabi. The best-selling dishes can be sweet corn chicken soup; chicken wings Lebanese, musakhan and Tawouk Chiapas salad; however they have got a variety of dishes and meals to select from like slides, Lebanese grill sandwich and cold-some bowls. So, you must come up over Sajway as it is the Best Grill Restaurant in Abu Dhabi(أفضل مطعم جريل في أبو ظبي).