Best Tawouk Abu Dhabi offers you with super-delicious dishes
Best Tawouk Abu Dhabi offers you with super-delicious dishes

It is no secret that Lebanese food is super scrumptious and amazing. The people of Abu Dhabi have always valued their cuisine that is pretty apparent while considering that much of its popularity is because of the multicultural influences, a fact that makes the food suitable for a wide range of palates both around the globe and within the country too. The same applies to foodies who frequent Lebanese Restaurants within Abu Dhabi. If you live within the Emirates and have never tried Lebanese cuisine or Tawouk before or are seeking out for culinary options other than your usual hangouts then here is the speciality about Sajway that is a must-visit. Sajway offers you with one of the Best Tawouk Abu Dhabi(أفضل طاووق أبو ظبي).

Best Tawouk Abu Dhabi has got amazing menu that offers tasty dishes. The restaurant is a popular eatery with the locals and features favourites like Manakeesh, wraps and other authentic food from Abu Dhabi. The restaurant has got ultimate comfort food for the country’s residents. For an authentic traditional dining experience, begin with the Manakeesh, similar to Pizza and consider a staple lunch or breakfast item within Abu Dhabi. For wraps, you must grab the Baked Green Falafel, a crispy falafel mix with lettuce, tomatoes and radishes that get drizzled with a rich sesame sauce.

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Lebanese restaurant Abu Dhabi has got the patrons who visit Mosaic regarding the items like the meat kafta, Arayess and Cheese Kunafah. The restaurant has got unique ambience, excellent Parisian-style décor and an impressively wide range of the home country’s most beloved dishes. For an amazing beginning, you must try out the Tabbouleh Quinoa Salad, a delectable mix of parsley, quinoa, pomegranate and onion with lemon juice and olive oil. The place has got separate menus for hot and cold appetizers so the patrons are pretty spoilt for selection procedure. For the mains, ensure that you try the items from the grill like the Arayess, meat kafta that is grilled over charcoal and is served over Arabic bread. Ensure that you conclude dining experience with something sweet like the Cheese Kunafah or Ashta Ice Cream.

The mixed grill here is surely a try with its array of Lebanese Barbecue. A notable item is the Kebab Khashkash, skewers of minced meat that is served over the top of a spicy layer of tomato sauce. There is also the Shish Taouk, tender that is marinated cubes of chicken cooked to perfection. For the authentic Lebanese seafood ensure that you order food from Sajway. This dish is included with marinated red mullet cooked in Lebanese spices with a side of fresh vegetables. The dessert section has got the options besides the staple kunafa like the Gazal Banat with Ice cream, an Arabic dessert that is garnished with nuts and topped with cotton candy. Best Tawouk Abu Dhabi offers an assortment of food items through the delicious Shish Taouk to mouth-watering lamb chops.

If you are looking out for a budget-friendly Best Tawouk Abu Dhabi then Sajway is where you require being at. Complete with a hearty serving of Shish Taouk, Kebab, meat-stuffed pitas and lamb chops, this dish is surely the ultimate way of experiencing authentic Lebanese Barbeque within all its glory. Patrons may also try the sandwich variety with Meat Tikka, Shish Taouk and Falafel Sandwiches. For people with more of the diverse tastes, there is always the continental menu with options like Chicken Steak, Le Cordon Bleu and Pepper Steak. A great option for cheap Lebanese cuisine the items over the items on the menu are as delicious as they are over the pocket. The menu is basically divided into hot or cold starters, western food, seafood, sandwiches and daily cooking meals. Food options here are served in rotation throughout the week so make sure that you check over their menu and then plan your visit for your favourite dish that gets served.

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The best method of beginning with your culinary adventure is with one of their “teasers” or starters. For grabbing the best experience, order the Mega Sampler, a sharing combo of bite-sized chicken tenders, potato pizzas, mixed cheese balls and golden-fried wedges that get served with honey mustard and spicy sauces. The restaurant truly reflects the country’s food culture. Ingredients get sourced fresh through the Middle East and Organic produce through the local markets. To begin, you must try the daily specials like Fasolyah Bil Lahm, Lamb stew served with vermicelli rice. For the seafood enthusiasts, the prawns as well as Hammour Sayyadieh are worth a mention.