Best Kabsa in Abu Dhabi is super-delicious and a must-try
Best Kabsa in Abu Dhabi is super-delicious and a must-try

The cooking style of kabsa is similar to the one within Central Asia and the Middle East. The essence of this cuisine lies within the “dum style” that aims to master the art of cooking food over a slow fire. Unless you aim to master the art of cooking food, it is quite difficult to get the taste right. If you are within Abu Dhabi and desire to indulge in a sumptuous kabsa then ensure that you head over here. The specialist chef aims to ensure that you have a pleasant and memorable dining experience. Sajway offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that are prepared with exotic spices, and herbs garnished with dry fruits, and flavors further enhanced and polished through the adding flavors of saffron and other Indian spices. Come over here to taste the Best Kabsa in Abu Dhabi (أفضل كبسة في أبو ظبي)

The Nawabs use to be extremely fond of food and wish to come over here again and again when visited once. Food is important to them as courtly affairs. The food drew its inspiration from the Mughal style of cooking. A huge ex-pat of the Indian population has ensured that Abu Dhabi has an end number of restaurants however Sajway is one of the best places wherein your search ends. The restaurant is one such that aims to specialize in mouth-watering galauti kebabs, nihari, grill, and a host of other dishes.

Order Best Kabsa in Abu Dhabi online from the restaurant within Abu Dhabi

The restaurant manufactures, prepares, and supplies all food products of multiple types like entrees, appetizers, sweets, fresh products, poultry products, meat, cheese, milk, and other agricultural products like grains, fresh vegetables, and canned vegetables. The restaurant gets the limelight through the quality of its food products that meet international quality standards. It is popular to provide the most delicious meals with irresistible flavors. You may distinguish the food from others just because we aim to add distinctive flavors to each of the food products. Not only that, however, we also present and package the food attractively while using one of the latest packaging equipment and technology. We aim to use a variety of packaging materials that are suitable to each specific type of food product that we pack since the company seeks to offer products of the best quality and efficient packaging. Ultimately, you get served with the Best Kabsa in Abu Dhabi.

Additionally, the ability to order online provides you with multiple different options if you are hesitant to order a specific meal and wish to know more about the menu that is continually updated or else desire to see the description, ingredients, and the price of each meal within the menu. We have got an excellent food delivery service wherein we deliver to you fresh and hot so that you may enjoy a ready-to-eat meal with an indescribably great taste. The restaurant serves you round the clock 24/7 so you need not worry about ordering the food anymore from now on. If you desire to make your evening nice at any point in time and from anywhere it is possible if you order the food from here.

Grab the Best Kabsa in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi turns out to be full of wonders. Talking about the glistening skyscrapers, the decadent malls, the beautiful souks, the lovely people, or the scrumptious delights- everything is sure to turn you and make you go wow. Abu Dhabi has got multiple dining options that sell cuisines all around the globe. The emirate cuisine works upon the spice magic and lets you say “magic” that is truly meant within the right aspect. You must not visit the ambience while looking at it from the outside appearance however you need to come here once and taste the amazing food here. Even a simple appetizer here can turn your day completely. Enjoy eating one of the most amazing and super delicious and the Best Kabsa in Abu Dhabi.

A trip towards Abu Dhabi or else if you are living here then this place is incomplete without trying out this fabulous dish. Khuzi that is also known as Ghuzi is the national dish of the United Arab Emirates. This dish is served during special occasions however you may also find this in any restaurant. The dish gets made through whole roasted lamb or mutton that is served over top of spicy rice and garnished with nuts, raisins, and vegetables. Traditionally, a whole lamb or goat is used to make the dish however multiple restaurants also serve single-to-share portions so that you may relish it to the fullest. The dish gets prepared with generous amounts of spices like cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, saffron, and multiple others. The appearance of the dish is surely Instagram-worthy.

The food within Abu Dhabi is so simple and delicious dishes you would come around. The one-pot dishes get made with rice, meat, beef, lamb, chicken, shrimp or fish, onions, vegetables, spices, and lemon. The dish is indeed similar to the Indian dish biryani sets it apart from the flavored and fragrant spices that are used to flavor it up like cumin, cardamom, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, chickpeas, saffron, turmeric, chilies, mace, and multiple more. The meat gets first boiled in water until it gets tender and then the spices get added gradually. However, the real twist comes up while adding dried lemons which are known as “loomi”. The rice when cooked is removed from the pot and rice is then added to the same stock with vegetables. After the rice is cooked, it is layered with meat and then served. It gets served with thick spicy sauces that are made up of tomato, chilies, and peppers or else raita and salad. Make sure that you try this amazing dish at Sajway since this is the Best Kabsa in Abu Dhabi.