Mediterranean Cuisines add on grace to your life
Mediterranean Cuisines add on grace to your life

Is it the ever-popular Greek Dish? Moussaka, or else what about Hummus, borek, tabbouleh and baba ghanoush? You have likely eaten at least one of those dishes before too. Multiple dishes are recognizable Mediterranean, actual Mediterranean cuisine encompasses the Mediterranean basin that covers multiple vastly different geographical areas that involve Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Turkey and Syria among multiple others. A lot of cornerstones of Mediterranean Cuisine that involves olive oil, wine, bread and dried spices. For a lot of reasons even if it is the popularity of the Mediterranean diet or else Syrian refugees who are eager to share their culture with now-fellow Americans, Mediterranean restaurants of all the cultures across Abu Dhabi have become more and more popular.

What is Mediterranean Food?

Greek Food

When multiple people think about the Mediterranean Cuisine, their first thought is typically the greek food. Much of the greek food has got roots in Turkish, Persian and Arabic foods and ideas. You need to recognize tzatziki as authentically greek, however its roots- right down to the name- are Turkish. Greek cuisine is multiple thousand years old and is heavily intertwined with Greek Culture in whole.  There occur multiple different regions within Greek cuisine itself, like Cretan, Macedonian, and Cypriot however for convenience sake- let us explore some iconic, traditional Greek dishes.

Pita Bread

We have all eaten pita bread before and we all may recognize it like a Greek Staple. Pita has been memorialized within Greek cuisine since a long time. In Greek cuisine, pita bread typically is not eaten in pieces alongside meals, like multiple Americans are used to.

Dolmades or the Stuffed grape leaves

Dolmades are grape vine or cabbage leaves, specifically stuffed with rice and herbs, then boiled until the leaves are fork-tender. The term “dolmades” is uniquely Greek however the concept of dolma is seen throughout multiple other Mediterranean cuisines. The leaves may be stuffed with tomato, onion and minced meat.


This is the most recognizable Greek food within the US; a gyro is made with meat that is cooked over a vertical rotisserie spit. The Gyro’s root is in doner kebab and is a common fast option within Greece today. In Greece, you mostly find pork and chicken gyro.

Turkish Food

Turkish Food is not as popular as Greek Food within the United States, however their cuisines share multiple similarities. Items like kebab, yogurt-based sauces, and pide while undeniably Turkish cross borders with other neighbouring cultures and cuisines.


We must talk for days about the role that kebabs play in Turkish cuisine, since it refers to not only meat-over-a-stick however also meats wrapped in bread, casseroles and stews. From doner kebab to kagit kebab (a mixture of meats and vegetables baked within a paper pouch) to shish kebab (skewered grilled meats and vegetables) there are multiple meat-based dishes that embody Turkish cuisine and that are prepared today.


Menemen is basically an egg-based dish that also involves green peppers, tomatoes and ground pepper too. Fresh herbs may also be added to the scrambled egg mixture before being cooked. Within the Turkish Cuisine, menemen is commonly eaten for breakfast, served with bread for dipping alongside multiple other Turkish dishes, it is served within the same pan that it cooks in, permitting for further cooking after being removed from heat.


 Turkish delight, Baklava and Halva turns out to be an example of Turkish desserts that we see quite often within the US and are still enjoyed within Turkey. Baklava gets made with pistachios, almonds or walnuts and can be prepared a few different aspects. Multiple variants use milk or fresh cream inspite of syrup or honey typically used to make for a lighter preparation. Turkish delight is held with a distinct rosewater flavour; however it can be produced within multiple flavors and variants, utilizing lemon or Bergamot orange, for instance. It is unique gel texture with its starchy coacting creates it up an unmistakable confection in Mediterranean cuisine. You must connect with Sajway to enjoy delicious Mediterranean Cuisine.